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When it comes to choosing an Eden Prairie office cleaning company, you must be probably searching for “cleaners near me” or “nearby.” While it is important to use a local company you can trust, it is important to make sure you are getting the best quality service and this is something that EMD Cleaning Services can offer you.


For many people, the office or shop as you walk in the door will be their first impression of your business. Therefore, keeping it clean gives people the signal that you care and want to maintain the best professional image.

Some may argue that instead of using an office cleaning company they could do it themselves. While people should do what they can to keep their working environment clean, the fact is that a professional will be able to maintain a much higher standard.

Finally, in recent times the issue of hygiene has become much more prominent and it is vital that the risk of infection is minimized.


We also offer office carpet cleaning services. It is recommended that you use professional carpet cleaning at least once every six months. Aside from making the surfaces look more aesthetically pleasing, it also clears away allergens and means you don’t have to replace the carpets as often.

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