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A clean workplace for any type of business or office is critical for the health and well-being of employees and customers. At EMD Cleaning Services, we have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

Our cleaning company staff provides the commercial space and office cleaning services you require. We customize all of our commercial cleaning to our customers’ specifications and consistently exceed expectations in the quality of service we provide. For businesses of all sizes in and around Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Eden Prairie, and Bloomington, EMD Cleaning Services is a top choice for commercial cleaning services.

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At EMD Cleaning Services, we provide the best janitorial cleaning services across the entire Twin Cities, including Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and every city in between.
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EMD Cleaning Services is your consistent partner for Minnesota’s best commercial cleaning company. We provide cleaning to businesses across the Saint Paul and Minneapolis Metro areas.
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Are you trying to save money on office cleaning services by requiring your employees to clean their workstations? It might make sense in the short-term but long term, hiring an office cleaning company is the best solution.


We specialize in all aspects of office cleaning. Our services include commercial carpet cleaning and full janitorial cleaning. Our teams use the latest cleaning equipment and technology to provide a polished, pristine, and spotlessly clean office, work facility, or business workplace environment.

Our cleaning company is much more than just commercial office cleaning. We provide industrial cleaning and apartment complex cleaning to meet your needs. Whether you need industrial cleaning services for your facility or apartment building cleaning and apartment turnover cleaning, you can trust our team to tackle the job. We provide extensive apartment building cleaning for common areas and unit turn cleaning to prepare apartments for the next tenant. Our team is your go-to source for apartment complex cleaning and industrial cleaning in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Eagan, Mendota Heights, Woodbury, and Oakdale, MN, and Hudson, WI.

With years of experience in commercial and janitorial cleaning services, we offer cleaning solutions designed to meet our customers’ needs. Our attention to detail with our service ensures that your campus, building, front office, lobby area, hallways, and workspace is immaculate and provides a comfortable, safe, welcoming place for employees and customers.

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To schedule an appointment to discuss your Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Eden Prairie and Bloomington commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning needs, call us today at 612-202-3696.

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What is the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning?

What is the difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning?

In general, Janitorial is a category of services specifically for cleaning common areas such as restrooms, entryways, and hallways for buildings such as manufacturing or multi-tenant. Commercial cleaning encompasses a wide variety of areas and cleaning tasks. Contact us today for the best janitorial cleaning in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area.

What does commercial cleaning consist of?

What does commercial cleaning consist of?

Commercial cleaning can include Indoor and outdoor cleaning. Each project consists of a specific scope of work and comprises a general list of services that are completed during each visit. Indoor work items include dusting, cleaning break rooms, elevators, stairs, restrooms, window cleaning, disinfecting, wet mop all floors, vacuum all carpeted areas, trash, and recycling removal. Outdoor offerings include services like power washing, sweeping parking lots, and emptying trash can stations, etc. Call now for the top-rated commercial cleaning service in Minnesota!

What is included in office cleaning?

What is included in office cleaning?

Every business has a unique scope of work. Here is a list of things that could be included: Entryways, break rooms, offices, conference rooms, cubicles, restrooms, hallways, mailroom, copy rooms, coffee stations, etc. We will create a unique checklist to meet your office cleaning needs. Call today for a free cleaning quote from the #1 office cleaning company in the Twin Cities!

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