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It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and at EMD Cleaning Services, we strongly adhere to such a mantra. We offer more than 20 different kinds of cleaning services, and our well-trained crew is able to provide a level of customized and professional service to tackle various situations, all at a reasonable price point.

We not only ensure that our clients get the best possible cleaning services regardless of the job request, but we also utilize environment-friendly cleaning equipment and chemicals. After all, we are not just passing down the earth to the next generation, we have to look after it for them.


We understand that any premise is going to get dirty over time. That is an inevitable fact of life, but this does not mean you should get bogged down by all of the cleaning details and effort. Why not leave it to experts like us? We would be more than happy to help get rid of all dust bunnies and dirty streaks, while you concentrate on running your business or living your life to the fullest. Everyone deserves to live in the cleanest setting possible, and EMD Cleaning Services is here to help realize that vision at a pocket-friendly budget.


EMD Cleaning services are



At EMD Cleaning Services, we ensure that any organization’s or business’ Bloomington, janitorial cleaning needs in the Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN area will not fall short of professional standards.


We never miss a beat in cleaning your commercial space. We clean the smallest details including tiles, window sills, and baseboards. Everything is clean inside and out. Our fast and effective service ensures that you always have an attractive space, which is pleasing to the eyes.


At EMD Cleaning services, we take time to do the small tasks that increase the cleanliness of the workplace. Your employees may develop a bad habit leading to the piling up of clutter in their workstation.

EMD cleaning services will take care of you for however long you contract with us. Contact us today to experience the best janitorial cleaning services in the Twin Cities!

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