Commercial Cleaning Services in Saint Paul and Minneapolis Metro Area

Commercial Cleaning Specialist Saint Paul, MN


EMD Cleaning Services is a consistent partner of companies in Minnesota — within Saint Paul and Minneapolis Metro Area. We’ve served many different types of companies over the years without losing our dedication in providing consistent results. Our team’s strengths and abilities help our company to expand. From our initial project of one customer site, we now serve a variety of businesses across the Twin Cities.


We never miss a beat in cleaning your commercial space. We clean the smallest details including tiles, window sills, and baseboards. Everything is clean inside and out. Our fast and effective service ensures that you always have an attractive space, which is pleasing to the eyes.

We mastered decluttering small and large spaces. We enjoy cleaning even the dirtiest spots. If you want an office pantry to look like new, call us to do the job.

We also keep our standards high. So, we ensure that we always sanitize your commercial space. We believe that a sanitized space prevents health problems. When you hire us, you’ll never think about the germs and bacteria they may harm your health.


We provide honest and friendly service.

We take your security seriously. We will notify you when our staff arrives and when they leave. We inform you about our plans so you have an idea of our activity during the day.

Every activity we accomplished is individually logged. We’re meticulous in record-keeping to stay transparent in our work. We give you a detailed report that serves as a basis for your invoice.

We guarantee you a secure and transparent output through our systematic set-up. From the time we receive the job order, we gather information that guides us in creating a plan. We ask your expected result so we can deliver it the way you want it.

Our team follows a systematic pattern to finish the job fast. We understand that you want us to work during work hours. Through our systematic work plan, we can clean your commercial space with efficiency. Wasting your time is not part of our checklist.

We believe that efficiency begins by showing up on time every working day. When we work with your commercial space cleaning project, expect that we always come on time. It’s our way to show our respect to you and to the people working in the place. Our reports also follow the timeline we provide you. We value your time. We avoid delays.

If you have questions on the quote you received, call our customer support service. Our staff is more than happy to listen to your questions. We ensure that before the call ends, we’re working on the same page.

But even when we work professionally, we maintain a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. We don’t want to add a lot of stress in your working environment. We understand that with a stress-free environment, productivity increases.

If you want a friendly staff for your cleaning service, call us today. We’ll give you a detailed quote on the project at an affordable rate. Our responsive customer support is willing to entertain your queries, so call us today to know more about our services in Eden Prairie, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington MN.