In many cases, your business’ office is one of its most important assets. Keeping your office clean and sanitary is a must for your employees and your clients. Maybe you’ve been thinking about bringing in a service that offers office cleaning in Minneapolis and you’re curious about what the costs are like. That’s a legitimate question but one that is difficult to answer. We’ll walk you through the factors that determine what your cost might be.

The Size of Your Office

The biggest factor in terms of the cost of office cleaning is the size of the space. If you have a massive office, that is going to cost more than it would to clean a smaller space. That is because the equipment and cleaning products needed to clean a large space are going to be more expensive. In addition, a larger space might need more services than a smaller office, which will also cause a price bump.

Amount of Time to Clean

Some offices are going to need a lot of time for office cleaning in Minneapolis, while others won’t. The longer the workers need to spend in the space, the higher the price will be. Prices can also vary based on the time of day when you wish to have the cleaning done. Some services will be catered toward daytime hours, while others might prefer to work after-hours. You’ll have to ask the company you choose for specifics.

Level of Cleaning Required

If your office is a giant mess, it’s going to mean your prices are higher. If all you need is a little dusting, sweeping, and emptying of trash cans, that might cost much less. When there is a lot to do, more products and equipment will be required to get things sanitary and clean. As such, the level of cleanliness that is present right now can have an impact on the price you pay, especially on initial visits.

As we mentioned, there are many factors that determine what price you will pay for office cleaning. Having regular cleaning services might be the best option since it ensures your office is always in a state of cleanliness. If you’re still looking for the right cleaning company, EMD Cleaning Services is here to help. You can learn more or get a quote by visiting us at