Running a clean and sanitary business is crucial to keeping your employees and customers healthy and safe. But running a business takes up so much time, it’s hard to find the time to do the cleaning yourself. It is vital to find a cleaning company that will fulfill your needs while giving you confidence they are getting the job done right. EMD Cleaning Services is the company you are trying to find. They specialize in commercial carpet cleaning in Eden Prairie and pride themselves on being an owner-operated, family business. They never use subcontractors, and the owners and employees are the ones that handle all of the cleanings.

Their excellent customer service is unmatched, and their efficient and punctual timing ensures that your facility will be kept clean every day. They offer more than 20 different kinds of cleaning services, including commercial carpet cleaning in Eden Prairie. EMD Cleaning Services understands that different companies have different and unique needs along with specific schedules.  EMD Cleaning Services caters to the schedule, ensuring the cleaning services are completed at the most convenient times. They specialize in all aspects of cleaning and for offices of all sizes. There is no job too big for EMD.

The staff customizes all of the commercial cleanings to the customers’ specifications and consistently exceeds the expectations in the high quality of service provided. If you need commercial carpet cleaning in Eden Prairie or other cleaning services, visit to see what EMD Cleaning Services can do for you.